Managing Your Medications

Golden Isles Patient Advocates will help you find greater wellbeing, clarity and peace of mind as you move through the complex and overburdened healthcare system. We will work with you and your doctor to help you understand your diagnosis and your doctor’s plan of care.

YOU are our focus! We will take all the time you need to ensure you understand why and how to take the medications you are prescribed. 

We will help you, your family, and all your caregiver team understand your treatment plan, and how the prescribed medications work to help resolve or manage your medical problem so that we can all help support you better.  It’s hard to remember all of your medications. Harder remembering when to take it. Hardest of all, understanding how they all interact with other medications, food, supplements and even what you drink!

Our Personal Patient Advocates can help by:

  • Gathering a master list of all the medications you are taking, the dose, who prescribed and why the medication is taken.
  • Update the master list so it is always current for use at the physician office and facilities.
  • Maintain a list of medication allergies with detailed reactions. 
  • Check to see if there are any contraindications to the combination of medications and with any supplements, vitamins, food or drink. 
  • Organize the medications into dosing containers with easy open and clear instructions.
  • Help set alarms to remember when to take the medications.
  • Locking Pain medication to avoid theft.
  • Help you follow the pain medication agreements outlined when receiving narcotic medications. 
  • Check up on you to ensure the medications are being taken at the correct time/dose.
  • Call the physician office with any adverse reactions to new medications. 
  • Watch out for you during the time when certain medications are being discontinued.
  • Accompany you to the pharmacy to ask more specific medical questions regarding the prescription.  
  • Pick up and deliver your medications. 
  • Help you choose the most cost-effective method for obtaining the medications.
  • Obtain approvals for medications your insurance company may not pay for. 
  • Guide you regarding the formulary of your insurance plan.
  • Help you choose an alternate Medicare Part D plan when needed based on price and formulary.
  • Ensure you aren’t penalized for not selecting a drug plan in a timely fashion.
  • Research alternatives to name brands to save money.
  • We can also arrange any special medical equipment or supplies needs you may have.

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