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Bridging the gap between you and the health care system:

As a Personal Patient Advocate, we can help you when you or your loved one are struggling with managing health and medical care. Let’s face it, navigating the healthcare system is frustrating. Getting answers and finding help can be very time consuming. 


Whatever your needs may be – from finding the right insurance plan or the best specialist, researching your new diagnosis, exploring treatment options, sorting out complicated and expensive medication regimen’s, figuring what you truly owe for medical services or getting other assistance, Golden Isles Patient Advocates can help by cutting through the red tape quickly to reduce this confusing burden. We can help find the right provider, obtain the right diagnosis, and ensure you pay only the right amount for your healthcare needs. 


Don’t go the journey alone! Together we will develop a plan.

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"Healthcare should be simple and affordable!"

Navigating healthcare these days can be a daunting task unless you have Golden Isles Patient Advocate on your side. From finding the right doctor for your illness, getting cost estimates for that upcoming procedure or finding more cost effective medications, I am here to help. As your personal healthcare advisor I will help you become an empowered healthcare consumer who takes control of healthcare costs.

Katie Fitzgerald, Founder Of Golden Isles Advocates


Clients' Testimonials

I am so pleased with the savings that Katie from Golden Isles Patient Advocate was able to negotiate for me. I was confused about my heart monitor – who I paid, and why I was receiving multiple bills from the doctor office and some vendor I had never heard of. Katie made several calls and was able to get the bills written off. She saved me 3,000.00! I was going to pay just to be done with all the confusion. Well worth paying an expert to resolve this issue. I recommend her to anyone who doesn’t want to pay for healthcare agency mistakes.

Maggie Williams, SSI


Golden Isles Patient Advocates will treat you like family. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to make your health journey easier. We focus on medical bill and health insurance issues, medication reviews/management and general patient advocacy. We want you to live better and healthier so you thrive and stay alive. Contact us today at 912-634-5204 or katie@goldenislespatientadvocate.com to experience our difference.

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